Roger Federer Pursues the No. 1 Ranking Again
Roger Federer is the oldest player to reach world no.1

Roger Federer Pursues the No. 1 Ranking Again.

Roger Federer has spent more than half of his life as a professional tennis player, and is, in the eyes of most people, and according to most stats, the best male player ever to pick up a racquet

It is a scenario that would have seemed far-fetched at the start of the 2017 season when Roger Federer had just returned from a six-month injury layoff without having won a major in nearly five years.

But the tennis pendulum has been swinging so wildly of late that it is practically unhinged.

Federer, at 36 years old, finds himself in the Dutch port of Rotterdam, just three rungs from the top of the tennis ladder with no major champions blocking his ascent.

By overtaking Spaniard Rafael Nadal at No. 1 on Monday, Federer will break a number of ATP Rankings records – the longest period between stints at No. 1, the oldest player to attain top spot and the longest duration between first and last days at the summit of men’s professional tennis.

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