Roberto Firmino: The Life Journey Of Liverpool’s Most Complete Centre Forward

Like many Brazilians Firmino grew up in a tough neighbourhood but his passion for football was unparalleled. And it’s thanks to his love for football that he was able to save his family from poverty. Here is Roberto Firmino –  the life journey of the Liverpool’s most complete centre forward.

Roberto Firmino mother explained, “I didn’t want Roberto to go out and play because it was very dangerous on the streets”, and Young and daring Roberto bent the rules to fulfill his dreams. “He would get up very early while I was sleeping to play football. Make as little noise as possible and jump over the wall”, said his mother.

Unfortunately, poverty plagued the family and placed the prodigious son in a difficult situation. The lack of money could have stopped him but destiny had other things in mind.

You could almost say that poverty allowed him to fulfill his dream. At 16, he signed with Figueirense FC which was far away from home. An accomplishment, No! It was unbearable for Roberto.”He called me many times desperate to come home. Mum, come and get me.I can’t take this anymore”.  

The Brazilian has financial difficulties and couldn’t go home. “All the family cried and he cried but we didn’t have the money to bring him home. He had to stay there for months before saving enough to come back”.

Roberto found himself in a vicious cycle. He spent the little money he had on food and rent. Depressed, the young player was forced to stay at Figueirense alone. In order to see his family as soon as possible only one option was left. Become A Beast. Firmino worked like never before to reach this goal and his bet paid off.

In 2011, he caught the eye of the German emissary and signed with Hoffenheim a few months later. In 2015, he joined Liverpool  thanks to his performances in Germany.Roberto Firmino The Life Journey Of Liverpool’s Most Complete Centre ForwardIn three seasons the Brazilian amazed fans all over the world and became the benchmark for his position. Football IQ, a team player, an extraordinary striker … Firmino has all he qualities every footballer dreams of.

It was also partly thanks to him that Mohamed Salah had an outstanding 2017-2018 season. Roberto Firmino is simply THE PERFECT FORWARD.

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